The last day of winter, 2nd grade students want to share with you another weather broadcast. Let's read it! 


Hello    everybody!  We  are  2nd A  group 2 students  .  Today,  the  weather   in  Guissona   is   sunny   and   cold . It`  s  winter.



Weather broadcasts

Every now and then, second grade students will write a weather broadcast of Guissona. Let's read the first one! 

Good morning everybody! We are 2nd B group 1 students. Today, the weather in Guissona is cloudy and cold. It’s winter.

Weather Symbaloo

In this Symbaloo, you will be able to enjoy songs, games and stories about weather. Have fun!!!

2n A Grup 2

2nd B Grup 2

This time, the students have written about the weather adding a picture! 2nd A Grup 1

The students have written about which weather do they like and which they don't. Here you can see it!


Weather practice

Here you have some exercises to practice, enjoy and learn the weather vocabulary.


Els i les alumnes de 2n treballem el vocabulari i registre del temps atmosfèric del nostre poble.
Quan hem plasmat els coneixements previs en una fitxa mirem un petit video introductori del tema a treballar.


 Quan hem treballat el vocabulari del tema parlem sobre el temps que ens agrada i el què no.


Course 2013-2014  

Some students of 2nd grade have written their preferences about the weahter. 
Here you can see it.

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